Our Story

Helen, Owner of Tickle My Fancy FoodsOur Fancy Beginning

Established in 2016, Tickle My Fancy Foods is a company dedicated to the all-natural enhancement of condiments. I founded this company through self- realization that my life is full (no pun intended) when I’m creating something delicious in the kitchen. My passion for food comes with the highest of standards, and that is how the company name was born. Those who know me will attest to my fancy food standards—they, also, enjoy teasing me about it! It’s Fancy Food Made By Fancy Folks! “Tickle My Fancy Foods” may be a silly company name, but there is nothing silly about the quality of the products. Exploring common, rare, and exotic flavors together is how Tickle My Fancy Foods’ tagline came to be: Makers of Uncommon Condiments.”

To take something classic and improve upon it is my “cooking formula”. The art of pickling, for example, has existed for thousands of years! With some creativity and passion, I have taken the classic pickle to another level… a Fancy one!

Tickle My Fancy Foods’ pickles have been received so well that I have not been able to launch other types of condiments. With the support and success from the last year, I am thrilled to announce that Tickle My Fancy Foods will have its OWN commercial kitchen opening in the Summer of 2018! Without having to rent a commercial kitchen anymore, I plan to launch additional Fancy condiments.

I would like to THANK my, incredible, husband and three daughters for their support and patience through this business journey of mine. It hasn’t been “fancy” sacrificing family time in the last year, but I am grateful for their encouragement and understanding.

I, also, want to thank YOU for stopping by and supporting my business. Small business owners rely on people like you to help them grow, learn, and succeed.

“Cooking is one of the oldest arts and one that had rendered us the most important service in civic life”

-Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Stay Fancy,

Helen Quaisi

Locally Made Pickles by Tickle My Fancy Foods