Pickles’ Fancy History

Cleopatra Fancy Pickles

Pickles’ Fancy History

The art of pickling makes its debut in history as far back as 2400 BC! Ancient Mesopotamians used pickling as a method to preserve food for long journeys and sea travel. By 2300 BC, cucumbers traveled from India to the Tigris Valley, and THE PICKLE was introduced.

One of the oldest examples of FANCY is Cleopatra, and she credited pickles as the source of her beauty. I wonder how much more beautiful she would have if she ate Tickle My Fancy Foods’ pickles!

Western Europe sealed the rest of the world’s fate when the pickle appeared there in 900 BC. Christopher Columbus brought pickles to America in the 15th century, and it wasn’t long afterward that pickles were being produced at home. Fast forward to 1859 when the iconic Mason jar was created to withstand the heat needed for the pickling process. The pickle craze, only, gained more momentum going into the 21st century with the average American consuming 9 pounds of pickles every year!

Here are some more examples of famously fancy figures in history that mentioned pickles. I bet you can’t say that 5 times without messing up!

  • Shakespeare coined the term “In a pickle”
  • Aristotle believed pickles contained healing properties
  • Queen Elizabeth loved snacking on pickles
  • Julius Caesar fed pickles to his armies believing they gave physically enhanced his soldiers
  • Napoleon, also, felt that pickles yielded generous health benefit to his soldiers
  • Thomas Jefferson ate pickles on hot days to relax

History has come a long way with Americans celebrating National Pickle Day every November 14th!

If you want to give a nod to the fancy history of pickles, find the nearest location of Tickle My Fancy Foods’ Pickles by visiting our locator page or contact us directly!


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