It’s National Pickle Day

National Pickle Day is November 14th


It’s National Pickle Day and of course Tickle My Fancy Foods is celebrating our favorite snack the pickle!

Did you know National Pickle Day is an annual food holiday? It’s a whole day every year dedicated to pickles! That’s a big dill!

According to the National Pickle Packers Association, National Pickle Day or the observance of the pickle, began as International Pickle Week in 1949. Ever since pickles have had a special day to honor them. Since 2001, that day is now officially November 14th.

So what does someone do to observe this special food holiday? Eat pickles of course!

Tickle My Fancy Foods has the best artisan pickles in St. Louis. We make our pickles fresh, preservative free, and hand cut. We also have so many flavors to choose from including STL Deli Style, Chipotle, Spicy Garlic, and more! If you have never tried our pickles, you are missing out!

Purchase our pickles online or visit one of the fine retailers that sell our pickles. You won’t be disappointed.

To learn more about pickles or to get delicious pickle recipes, visit our Fancy Blog!

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